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Blue Sunday

February 21, 2010 By: Jim Category: The Blog

Anti Piracy? – The record labels which complain the loudest about piracy of copyrighted material… Warner, Sony BMG, EMI, and Universal… are facing up to $6 billion in damages for music piracy. The same companies which complain about artists getting ripped off… are cheating artists out of their hard earned money? A group of artists in Canada have reportedly grown tired of labels using their songs without permission. Apparently labels tend to use a lot of songs for compilation CDs without first asking permission and last year a group of artists filed a class-action suit against the Canadian Recording Industry Association, Canada’s equivalent of the Recording Industry Association of America. The lawsuit is ongoing but the record labels have already admitted to owing at least $50 million for infringing the rights of artists and pirating around 300,000 tracks. It appears the pot was calling the kettle black…

PS3 Predator Killers – The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Cyber Crimes Center, also known as C3, is now using the computational power of the PlayStation 3 to crack the computer mlb2010.jpgpasswords of suspected child pornographers. “Bad guys are encrypting their stuff now, so we need a methodology of hacking on that to try to break passwords,” said special agent Claude E. Davenport. “The Playstation 3 – its processing component – is perfect for large-scale library attacks.” Prior to using PS3s, the team employed a Tableau/Dell server combination which cost more than $8000. Cracking a child predator’s password requires serious software… C3 uses Linux on the older model PS3 to run the cracking software. How about some MLB 10′ during lunch?

Gold Bling – Tired of the mundane? How about a gold plated PS3 with prices starting at $4,999. goldps3.jpgComputer Choppers is selling exclusive golden gadgets including a $5000 PS3 Slim, golden iPhones, and more. The PS3 casing is made of 24kt gold, includes a custom logo, and two controllers covered in 24kt gold. If this is not enough bling for you… try over at Stuart Hughes where you can find the world’s most expensive iPhone, as well as a $309,000 gold-plated PlayStation 3 Slim and a $464,000 gold-plated Wii. Geez…. some people have more money than good sense!

Psycho Loser – A 17-year-old boy from England, James Callaghan, lost three games of FIFA 2008 against his younger brother and then attacked and killed a 65-year-old woman with a knife and an axe. Callaghan went on a rampage after the video game beat-down and threatened teenage girls, cyclists and attacked a 20-year old man who managed to escape before he then forced his way into the home of Irene Roberton. Callaghan has been charged with manslaughter and now appears to have a history of violence after consuming alcohol and is being termed a schizophrenic. Trust me… video games were not the cause of this violence. Callaghan, you have been voted off the island.

More Facebook Fun – Someone took over the Facebook account of Grace Parry, changed the password and sent out messages saying Grace and her husband had been detained in London and needed money. A family friend in Missouri trying to help Grace wired about $4,000 to someone in England after receiving the fake messages on Facebook and speaking by phone with a man who had a British accent and presented himself as an immigration official. Folks… Facebook has turned into the proverbial dark alley and is no place to play around!

Roaming Outer Space – I discovered a very cool little app called Celestia… a free space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions. Celestia runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. You owe it to yourself to check it out here: Celestia

On a very sad note… we said goodbye this weekend to our beloved cat, Nena, who was Flo’s favorite. Nena was always by Flo’s side and loved to play in her momma’s long hair… you will be missed sweet girl. If there is such a thing as cat heaven – we know you are in it.

Superbowl Hangover

February 11, 2010 By: Jim Category: The Blog

Wow… what a great way to wrap up the NFL season. It could not have turned out any better… for New Orleans and the Saints. So what have I missed while watching Tracy Porter’s fourth quarter pick six repeatedly? Probably not anything good…

Uh-oh, W – Millions of Bush-era White House emails have been recovered by Obama administration IT specialists… although it will be several years before any of their contents can be revealed. Obama’s IT team is attempting to clean up the record-keeping mess left by their predecessors, who seemed as though “they just didn’t want the emails preserved,” according to Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. Computer technicians have found 22 million missing White House emails from the administration of President George W. Bush, and the Obama administration is searching for more potentially lost email from the Bush years. Sloan said the latest count of misplaced emails “gives us confirmation that the Bush administration lied when they said no emails were missing.” Why am I not surprised?

Google Buzz – Google has decided to take advantage of its growing base of Gmail users. Yes… your Gmail is now also a social network. You lucky devil. Buzz is intended to be an “easy-to-use sharing experience that richly integrates photos, videos and links, and makes it easy to share publicly or privately.” Well that is just great… but what if we don’t want to share?

Microsoft Russian Style – Russia is a notoriously lucrative market for piracy with just about every kind of hacked or cracked software you might desire easily available. And it drives Microsoft crazy to be losing all those rubles… apparently 70% of retail outlets in some parts of Russia sold pirated software… and websites hosted in the now defunct USSR are notorious for distributing unlicensed and pirated versions of MS products… along with just about anything else your evil little heart desires. Just make sure if you go looking that you have some serious network protection… the Eastern Bloc is also known as one of the most prolific areas for malware and viral distribution.

Record Tying Patch Tuesday – Microsoft tied its own Patch Tuesday record with a recent release of cookies.jpg13 bulletins, five of them rated critical. The vulnerabilities to be corrected with this release affect Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2008 R2, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and older versions of MS Office. The last time Microsoft issued 13 bulletins was October 2009. This month’s record release comes right behind a Jan. 21 patch to fix a zero-day exploit in Internet Explorer which was used in cyber attacks against Google and other U.S. companies doing business in China. Geez… no wonder the Russians give Microsoft products away for free.

Facebook Gangs – Gangs are making greater use of Twitter and Facebook these days, and law-enforcement officials are taking notice, monitoring gang Tweets and postings to gather intelligence. Gang members sometimes turn the tables, asking contacts across their extended networks for help identifying undercover police officers, as well as making threats. In southern California the Crips, Bloods, Florencia 13, MS-13 and other gangs have long used MySpace to display potentially incriminating photos and videos of people holding guns and making hand gestures. Dozens of Facebook accounts are dedicated to the deadly MS-13 gang, with followers from around the globe. At one such site, a video displays pictures of dead members of the rival 18th Street gang, and some users have left disrespectful comments. Oh sweet… another reason to avoid Facebook!

P2P Bad, Porn Good – A poll conducted in New Zealand asked 1,000 people their views cat_pc.jpgregarding the morality of watching porn and downloading copyrighted music and video. 41 percent of those asked felt that watching porn online was morally acceptable for a single person. 21 percent thought it was morally acceptable for a married person to watch porn without telling his or her spouse. Both cases above were viewed as more moral acts than downloading copyrighted music or videos onto one’s hard drive. 18 percent viewed downloading music as moral, while only 13 percent thought downloading video was okay. Ok, whatever you say…

Blast Off – NASA has launched an investigation into a bag of cocaine that was found at the space agency’s Kennedy Space Center. The cocaine was found in the space shuttle Discovery’s hangar at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Discovered by a shuttle worker outside a bathroom, NASA has begun a full investigation and drug testing the 200 employees who have access to the restricted area. “This is a rare and isolated incident, and I’m disappointed that it happened,” said Bob Cabana, a former astronaut and director of the Kennedy Space Center. And we all thought that white powder was moon dust…

Wii Gone – Who says the Nintendo Wii is not for the hardcore crowd? Christopher Bayko, 23, of Spring Hill, Florida, was charged with theft after he took his mother’s Wii game system and pawned it for $56, which he then used to purchase beer, cigarettes and drugs. According to the police report, Bayko’s mother asked her son where her Wii had gone. She was told the Wii was “at a friend’s house,” but she then later discovered a pawn shop receipt for her Wii from late December. Probably too many hours of playing Grand Theft Auto – Vice City made the poor guy crack…

No Offense – Aw what the hell… go ahead and be offended! If you cannot laugh at yourself – and some Muslims muslim_virgins2.jpg obviously cannot – then you are in serious trouble my friends. Of course I doubt my blog is famous enough to spark a bounty on my head like that cartoonist who hides out in Sweden (nice place to hide out BTW)… but who knows, maybe Flo would look really hot in one of those burka-thingies! The thought of a terrorist arriving in heaven to find 72 nuns with shotguns instead of the proverbial virgins does make me smile tho. Happy almost Friday!

Bad Ideas

February 04, 2010 By: Jim Category: The Blog

Toyotathon – Just weeks after the company issued a recall for bum gas pedals and floor mats which cause unintended acceleration, Toyota has now admitted there is a problem with the ABS braking on the 2010 Prius model. Hiroyuki Yokoyama, Toyota managing director for quality control, says the problem involves software and when the ABS is engaged, some drivers may feel a short “pause” when the car’s brakes switch from “regenerative” mode – which tops up the rechargeable battery – to standard hydraulic braking. Toyota will perform the updates only on request for now. Yokoyama said, “It’s a matter of ‘driving feel.’ Regrettably, we underestimated what customers would expect from the vehicle.” Told ya… working brakes are extra!

Snow Kidding – German bank robber Karl Stuhler, 26, who thought that heavy snowfalls would delay cops enough to allow him to rob his local petrol station was caught white-handed when officers who arrived 20 minutes later simply followed his footprints and arrested him at home in Wunsiedel, Germany. Well friends… that is why Karl wasn’t a brain surgeon.

Tax Deductible Sex – Attorney William G. Halby, who specialized in taxation law for 20 years tried to take medical deductions taxes.jpgfor visits to New York prostitutes and the costs of videos and other pornographic materials… but surprisingly the tax court said no. Halby kept journals of the visits, including the date, the name of the “service provider” and the amounts paid over two years. But, the Court complained, the visits were not part of a course of prescribed therapy and he failed to discuss the visits with his doctors afterward to determine the impact on his health. Funny thing is if Halby had first gone to a doctor, complaining of a medical problem or condition. Perhaps, no blood in his brain because it had all gone to his extremities, or a stiffness that wouldn’t go away? Had the physician then prescribed a course of treatment which included visits to a licensed sex worker in Nevada, the Tax Court would have had a harder time denying his deduction. I wonder if Flo will… nah, never mind.

Whats That Noise?Marcus Koeller, 16, died when he walked into the path of a freight train while chatting on his mobile phone as he crossed railway tracks in Meilde, Switzerland. The engineer said Koeller never looked up even as he slammed on the brakes trying hopelessly to stop the speeding train. I don’t think he is going to call you back, darlin’…

FSC Cigarettes Ok – If there’s one thing guaranteed to give Po the three-year-old pit viper snake a smokingviper.jpghissy fit, it’s missing his morning cigarette. “He is very tame and one day when I threw a cigarette butt away he went for it and seemed to enjoy having it in his mouth,” said 33-year-old Sho Lau, the pit vipers owner from Taipei, Taiwan. “One thing led to another and before long he was having one cigarette in the morning and another at night. He gets very agitated if I don’t have any to spare.” I wonder if they are Fire Safe Cigarettes?

Sex Ed Works – A teacher who went for a quick cigarette break during an exam returned to find the one girl pupil in the exam having group sex with the four boys in the class. Ivona Nestorova, 19, later claimed that she had been forced into sex by the four but a CCTV camera in the classroom in Sofia, Bulgaria, showed that the girl had made the claim up. Teacher Veska Borislavova who has now been suspended for leaving the class unsupervised said: “I have never seen anything like it, I only left them alone for five minutes.” See… cigarettes are nothing but trouble.

Tiger Woods Porno

January 30, 2010 By: Jim Category: The Blog

Just in case you were keeping track… or maybe you even had an office pool going – the first Tiger Woods scandal porno parody has hit the stands. You knew they could not leave it alone and this day was inevitable… as reported by one of my twporno.jpgfavorite info sites (which shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) – “Tyler Woods”, an Adam & Eve Productions picture was released to the masses on Wednesday of this week. So now maybe I don’t have to feel sorry for the multi-bazillionaire who is addicted to having sex with porn stars and hot-hot-hot babes (not counting the Waffle House waitress)… no, I never did feel sorry for Tiger – whatever he did was his own business – but the train wreck has been hard not to watch. So anyway… now the healing process can finally begin. Yeah right… (laughing my butt off)… I am thinking not so much! Tiger is not going to get off easy… the media, the porn industry, comedians… you name it… they are all going to ride him like a pony until every last drop of drama and outrage can be squeezed from the spectacle his existence has become. I don’t normally mention the release of a porn movie on this blog, and I likely never will again… nor will I ever see this XXX rated waste of time – it is really just the fact it exists – another first for Tiger… well come on now – Sammy Snead, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus never had a porn movie made about them, did they?

Religious Pastorial Perverts

January 28, 2010 By: Jim Category: The Blog

Anyone remember Ted Haggard, the pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado and president of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) from 2003 until November 2006 – the extremely conservative preacher from Colorado haggards.jpgwho made his claim to fame espousing strict family values… and then infuriated his homosexual prostitute lover and fellow methamphetamine user, Mike Jones, who became angry at Haggard’s opposition to same-sex marriage and decided to let the world know what kind of values Ted really had. Turned out Ted Haggard’s values were not quite as conservative as everyone originally thought… in January 2009, Haggard admitted to a second homosexual relationship with a male church member and would not directly answer a question about his other possible homosexual relationships. Now his wife is in the news spreading the word the ex-pastor has been freed of gay urges by therapy… sure thing, Mrs. Haggard, you must be a complete idiot… but whatever you say. I still think it would be best to avoid being alone in the YMCA locker room with Ted…

But let’s not beat up Ol’ Ted too badly… he is no worse than any of the other scam artist religious conservatives who thump bibles in the light, and men in the dark. At Least Jim Bakker (future Playboy model, Jessica Hahn) jessicahahn.jpgand Jimmy Swaggart (miscellaneous prostitutes) were into women and not men… being anti-homosexual and anti-gay marriage is a cornerstone of the conservative religious values, right? So getting caught committing adultery (with a woman) has to be better than a perverse ungodly homosexual affair with a man… if so then why are there so many closet homosexual conservatives?

Paul Barnes, 2006 – founder and former senior minister of the evangelical church Grace Chapel in Douglas County, Colorado. Confessed his homosexual activity to the church board and resigned in December 2006.

Lonnie Latham, 2006 – senior pastor of South Tulsa Baptist Church and a member of the powerful Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, propositioned a plainclothes police officer for oral sex and was arrested for “offering to engage in an act of lewdness” with a male undercover police officer.

“Bishop” Robert Reaves, 2008 – anti-gay pastor of Cedar International Fellowship in Durham killed North Carolina Central University student Latrese Curtis in a jealous rage because she was having a sexual relationship with his roommate, Steven Randolph, who had rebuffed Reaves’ advances. Reaves had twice previously been charged with sexual misconduct with boys… and was eventually found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

But the closet homosexuals are not the only ones having fun…

Richard Roberts, 2007 – (son of the late televangelist Oral Roberts) – was president of Oral Roberts University and named as a defendant in a lawsuit alleging improper use of university funds for political and personal purposes and improper use of university resources. The filing also alleged Lindsay Roberts (Richard Roberts wife) had spent at least nine nights in the ORU guest house with an underage 16 year old male who also was allowed to live in the Roberts family residence on campus

Earl Paulk, 2007 – Founder and head pastor of Chapel Hill Harvester Church in Decatur, Georgia and had sexual relations with a number of women from the congregation who came forward during the 1990s. In addition, Donnie Earl Paulk, the current senior pastor of the church and nephew of Earl Paulk, had a court-ordered DNA test in 2007 which showed that he was Earl’s son, not his nephew, which means that Earl and his sister-in-law had had a sexual relationship which led to Donnie’s birth.

Michael Reid, 2008 – is a Christian evangelist in Essex, England, founder member of the Christian Congress for Traditional Values (CCTV), and founder of Michael Reid Ministries who resigned from the role of pastor at Peniel Church in April 2008, after admitting to an eight-year extra-marital sexual relationship with a member of the congregation with whom he “shared scripture” frequently.

Joe Barron, 2008 – A minister at Prestonwood Baptist Church, one of the largest churches in the United States with 26,000 members, was arrested on May 15, 2008 for solicitation of a minor after driving from the Dallas area to Bryan, Texas, in order to allegedly engage in sexual relations with what he thought to be a 13 year-old girl he had met online. The “girl” turned out to be an undercover law enforcement officer.

Wow… what would we do without religion to fall back on. Geez… gimmie a break. Happy almost Friday!

Avatar – The Actual Landscape

January 27, 2010 By: Jim Category: The Blog

The Real Avatar – A Chinese national park has been swamped with visitors after it was revealed its scenery was the basis for the landscape in the hit movie Avatar. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park spokesman Shi Cheng said: “We had a photographer from Hollywood here in 2008 and he avatar.jpgshot a lot of pictures of the forest scenery – and in particular the peak we call ‘Stick in the Sky’. We were then amazed to see it had inspired the floating mountains in the hit movie.” This week the park held an official ceremony to change the name of “Stick in the Sky Mountain” to “Avatar Mountain” although many locals said the new name was not as romantic as the old. Local Lu Wey, 39, said: “They only did it to get more visitors. But I suppose if it helps raise money to preserve the park it’s OK – even if the old name was much better.” The spectacular rock formations of the national forest park located in Zhangjiajie City in the northern Hunan Province in China are often included in traditional Chinese paintings. Zhangjiajie National Forest was declared a Chinese national park in 1982. The 3,544-foot high Avatar mountain is one of 3,000 mountain peaks in the Zhangjiajie park which were formed from years of erosion. The weather is moist all year round making the foliage very dense.

Basketball Jones – The All-American Basketball Alliance is hoping to kick off a 12-team season in June, using only the new American minority: white players (natural-born Americans, both parents Caucasian). But it’s not actually a skin-color thing, argued Atlanta-based Commissioner “Moose” Lewis. AABA is merely rejecting the in-your-face street-ball culture (like taunting your opponent, as notoriously practiced by, say, Larry Bird) and bringing back the purity of basketball fundamentals (such as exemplified by, say, Tim Duncan). Nice going “Moose” – you just set race relations back about 30 years… leave it to some dickweed from Atlanta, Georgia. Looks like we have found our next candidate for Doofus of the Week.

Adversity Orleans Style

January 25, 2010 By: Jim Category: The Blog

The New Orleans Saints won the NFC championship and the right to play in the Superbowl by a whisker last night… saints_whistle.jpgthey literally stumbled and fell across the finish line. I kept waiting for them to build a lead, to separate themselves from their opponent – the Minnesota Vikings… but it never happened. The game was a struggle of wills right down to the bitter end and I was exhausted just from watching… then it occurred to me the game simply could not have been more fitting for the team and the city. saints-chief.jpgAn easy win would have been a misnomer and not represented the long suffering New Orleans Saints fans… and the city which semi-recently had its butt handled to it by a rather nasty bitch of a hurricane named Katrina. After thinking about the history of the city… and my knowledge of the flavor of the people – an easy run-away win just would not have been right… it would not have felt right. New Orleans is used to fighting… and drinking, but that is another story. brees.jpgThe NFC Championship game needed to be a struggle – and it was everything one might have predicted. So now we head south to Miami and the Superbowl… someone please tell Drew Brees to calm down and take a deep breath; and then smack some sense into Sean Payton and the offensive play-callers… you got two weeks to get your act together, gents!

Geaux Saints Geaux!!

Inane Ramblings

January 22, 2010 By: Jim Category: The Blog

Big Hole Cheap – Europe’s largest man-made hole, a water-filled quarry which provided the stone that made quarry.jpgAberdeen, Scotland, the “Granite City” is for sale… and it is dirt cheap. Rubislaw Quarry was opened in 1740 and closed in 1971, during which time six million tons of granite were chiseled out. Its current owner bought it in 1997 but now wants to sell the 7.3 acre lake which is almost 500 feet deep for the low, low price of 30,000 EUR (about 42K US). The seller, Bixen, an overseas-based company, is hoping the new purchasers will be able to turn the disused quarry into a tourist attraction or a leisure facility. Less than $6,000 an acre for prime downtown property… who could pass this deal up?

The Force is Strong – Former Romanian Foreign Minister Mircea Geoana who lost the presidential election last year, and his wife have claimed Geoana was the subject of attacks of negative energy by aides of President Traian Basescu during a crucial debate. “During the Dec. 3 debate … people who were working for Basescu in this domain were present to the right of the camera. … I saw them and I know who they are,” Geoana told Antena 3 television. Geoana fared badly in parts of the debate and his wife Mihaela said her husband “was very badly attacked, he couldn’t concentrate.” Former President Ion Iliescu dismissed the allegations as “discussions for naive, uneducated people.” Is it a strong will? Or is it a weak mind?

Historical Beaver – Canada’s second-oldest magazine, The Beaver, which is published by Canada’s National History Society, is changing its name because its beaver.gifunintended sexual connotation has caused the history journal to become blocked by internet filters and has turned off potential readers. The Beaver will officially change its name to Canada’s History with the April 2010 issue. “Market research showed us that younger Canadians and women were very unlikely ever to buy a magazine called The Beaver, no matter what it’s about,” said editor-in-chief Mark Reid. So if you laid the magazine on the stove while cooking… would it then be a “hot” Beaver?

Only in Pairs Please – A plastic surgeon in Croatia has revealed he refused to perform an operation 3boobs.jpgon a stripper who wanted him to make a third breast for her. Doctor Sinisa Glumicic said his client thought she would attract more attention and make more money if she had three breasts. According to sources at the clinic the anonymous stripper works in Milan, Italy. Geez… two are awesome, so three would be… odd.

I Hate Cruises – Carnival Cruise Lines won’t be sailing anymore with a boat load of “cougars” and their willing prey. The Miami-based company has turned down a request from a singles travel group to book another cruise with the cougar theme. The term “cougar” refers to older women who date younger men. Carnival says there were no problems with their first cruise on Carnival’s Elation in December that drew about 300 women and the men they call “cubs,” it’s just a business decision. They have no room for groups with that “theme.” Analysts say it’s meant to protect Carnival’s focus on family fun advertising program. One has to wonder if it were older men and younger women if they would get the same cold shoulder…

Nazi Night – Sklot Rock Club in Warsaw, Poland, used a doctored picture of Adolf Hitler wearing sunglasses above a nightclub.jpgThird Reich eagle for posters advertising the club’s party nights. “The idea is that Hitler isn’t happy with the condition of Warsaw clubs so he plans to invade and make them better,” said club spokesman Kalina Koslinska. “It’s just a bit of fun.” Now the owners are facing two years in prison for promoting fascism, strictly forbidden in Poland which was occupied by German troops in World War II. “The poster uses illegal images to promote fascism which is a very serious crime,” said Renata Mazur from Warsaw’s prosecutor’s office. Man those dead Nazis seriously like to party…

Tech Chatter Q1

January 17, 2010 By: Jim Category: The Blog

Microsoft is Innocent – The German government recommends using browsers other than Internet Explorer until Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) provides a patch to fix a critical security flaw that allowed a cyber attack against Google Inc. In a statement posted on its website, Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security warned that attacks by hackers “cannot be fully prevented,” even if users run Microsoft’s browser in safe mode. Microsoft rejected the warning, saying that the risk to users was low and that the IE’s higher security settings would prevent any serious risk. “These were not attacks against general users or consumers,” a spokesperson for Microsoft said. If the Germans won’t use it, we shouldn’t either… has anyone ever mentioned Mozilla Firefox to you?

Microsoft is Guilty – Software giant Microsoft has said a vulnerability in its Internet Explorer china_hackers.jpgbrowsing software allowed hackers to attack human rights organizations, prompting Google to abandon its Chinese operations. “Internet Explorer was one of the vectors used in targeted and sophisticated attacks targeted against Google and other corporate networks,” Mike Reavey, the director of Microsoft’s Security Response Center, said in a blog post. “Microsoft continues to work with Google, other industry partners and authorities to actively investigate this issue.” Obviously Microsoft cannot make up their mind… or else it depends on who you talk to. If only I were not a gamer… sigh.

Hackers Drive In – An enormous television screen showing a pornographic film caused a midnight traffic jam along Moscow’s Garden Ring Road as stunned motorists slammed on the brakes to gawk at the writhing naked bodies. The owner of the 9-by-6-meter advertising screen said hackers had broken into the screen’s computer system and turned on the porn. “They were either acting out of hooliganism or were from a rival company,” stated Viktor Laptev, commercial director of advertising firm Panno.ru. Wow, my kind of hackers… any chance we can get this ported directly into my Internet Explorer browser vulnerabilities?

Lesbian Sues Netflix – An in-the-closet lesbian mother has sued Netflix for publishing data that she believes could be used to out her. netflix.jpgThe unnamed Ohio woman claims her privacy was invaded when the movie rental company disclosed insufficiently anonymous information on the viewing habits of 480,000 customers as part of a $1 million dollar contest to improve its recommendation system. By connecting a series of digital dots, it’s possible for anyone with access to the data to identify customers by name, giving the more than 50,000 contestants an intimate glimpse into data Netflix promised to keep private, the suit contends. “Although Netflix touted its privacy protections to induce consumers to become subscribers, Netflix failed to disclose that it would release the movie titles, genres, rental dates, and ratings they assigned to movies, along with other information about their rentals – without consent – as fodder for a contest to improve the predictive value of their recommendation system,” according to the complaint, which was filed last week in US District Court in San Jose, California.

Trojan porn dialers on mobile phones – After taking a long hiatus, trojan dialers which can rack up thousands of dollars in charges are back. According to researchers at CA Security’s malware analysis lab, a new wave of malicious dialers is hitting users of mobile phones. The trojans are built on the Java 2 Micro Edition programming language and cause infected handsets to send SMS messages to high-cost numbers, at great expense to the victim. “As soon as the application is loaded, this malicious software starts to send premium text messages,” CA warned on Tuesday. “The messages sent out are in the typical format to invoke premium services and land the mobile user with heavy mobile bills without the user’s knowledge and consent.”

Facebook Owns You – An interview with an anonymous Facebook employee is getting a lot of attention, but is the info discussed really anything surprising? The employee revealed that the company records everything their users post, upload and view, and that their data is kept even if they delete it. That’s not exactly a secret – Facebook uses the information for the Suggestions area, to serve relevant ads, and to provide such services as letting you know when your friends have birthdays coming up. The other revelations in the interview might be a bit more unsettling to some. The employee said that until recently a master password existed that allowed employees to log into any account. That practice was done away with in what they called a “crack down” and now any employee who logs into a user account must explain why it was necessary. The employee, who was not identified for fear of losing her job, also said all messages sent on the site are easily accessed by employees.

Hackers Homepage – Evgeny Legerov, the 30-year-old IT security researcher, founder of Intevydis, the Moscow-based IT security consultancy, has caused a quiet storm in security research circles, after saying he plans to release zero-day flaws on a range of popular applications, but without having notified the vendors concerned. In an interview with US security journalist Brian Krebs, Legerov said he plans to release flaws in a variety of packages that is likely to include Zeus and Sun’s web server software, IBM DB2, Lotus Domino and Informix’ directory server applications, including Novell, Sun and Tivoli directory. In his interview with Krebs, Legerov said that, after working with vendors long enough, “we’ve come to (the) conclusion that, to put it simply, it is a waste of time”. According to the IT security researcher, he and his team no longer intend to contact vendors about security flaws, and no longer support the industry’s ‘responsible disclosure’ policy. Oh my, this will undoubtedly turn out well…

Online Gaming TormentInfinity Ward just can’t catch a break. They fix one major glitch in Modern Warfare 2, and then hackers go to work and modern_warfare_2.jpgfind another way to exploit the game. If you breathed a sigh of relief after IW fixed the very annoying and over-exposed ‘Javelin glitch’. Then this news may have you pulling your hair out. The new glitch is being dubbed as a server glitch. It allows games to feature players that run at break neck speeds, and then slide when they try to slow down like they are ice skating. Online gamers – online hackers… is there really a difference? As long as there are online games, there will be online game hacks. Deal with it.

A New Year

January 05, 2010 By: Jim Category: The Blog

Dope for Dummies – A New York City-funded guidebook for heroin users is offering information heroin4.jpgon how to prepare drugs carefully and how to care for veins to avoid infection. The 16-page pamphlet features helpful tips for dopeheads like: “Warm your body (jump up and down) to show your veins,” and “find your vein before you try to inject.” The city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene printed about 70,000 copies of the handout, which reportedly cost $32,000. A health official says the goal is to promote health and save lives. Yer welcome, taxpayers…

Dope for Dummies II – A Utica, NY, man was arrested for attempting to sell marijuana at the Applebee’s in New Hartford. Benjamin Brown, 29, entered the restaurant, ordered a drink at the bar and then openly began attempting to sell weed to other customers. Employees at Applebee’s told Brown to leave then called police. Brown now faces several charges including attempted criminal sale of marijuana. In hindsight, perhaps going table to table inside your local Applebees wasn’t the greatest strategy in selling your stash of weed.

Just a Few Pounds – Elitist social networking site BeautifulPeople.com says it has kicked out 5,000 users because other members signaled that those users became too chubby while celebrating Christmas and the New Year. The social network, which prides itself in not letting ‘ugly’ people enter the site, claims these users had it coming by putting pictures of themselves celebrating during the holiday season, revealing they ‘may have let themselves go’. The company also says ‘vigilant members, who take pride in the standards demanded by the site, called for action’. “Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which BeautifulPeople.com was founded.” You single folk better put down that slice of cake right now…

Tiger Tracker – Tiger Woods loves the ladies. And not only that, he love the exotic ladies, with exotic professions (like a porn star or a pancake waitress). But most importantly, tigers-women.jpghe loves exotic names. His seemingly endless checklist of mistresses has included gems such as: Loredana Jolie – Joslyn James – Cori Rist – Kalika Moquin. You’re probably thinking, “I want to be on Tiger’s list and get paid off too. If only my name wasn’t Jane Franks.” Well Jane, or whatever other non-exotic name you have, today is your lucky day. With the Tiger Woods Mistress Generator, you can turn your name into one that Tiger can’t resist. Just enter your name and hit “Fore.” And voila, from now on you are Bettee Little from Flagstaff, AZ – a 44 year old bartender who has texts from Tiger! Now go for the big hush money…$200K here I come!

Pig Bowl – Two burglary suspects fleeing California’s Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies Monday afternoon headed for the Foothill High School campus to loose their pursuers. They ran through the campus and onto the football field – where, it just so happens, about 30 law enforcement officers were practicing for the upcoming Pig Bowl. The Pig Bowl is the annual matchup between area firefighters and law enforcement. Unfortunately for the suspects, members of the team – composed mainly of sheriff’s deputies – ditched their pigskin and joined in the chase, eventually dog piling 19-year-old James Hill Jr. just off the field. The other suspect, a 17-year-old boy, was also tackled for a loss and penalized with jail time. I just wonder if the cops got flagged for “roughing”?

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